Tappo Serbatoio di Sicurezza

Tappo per serbatoio carburante con contatto anti-manomissione per rilevare apertura indebita.

Decreasing Fuel Theft Possibilities

The Fuel Cap Protector decreases the possibility of fuel theft by disabling access to the fuel tank when closed, and reporting on fuel cap openings. It integrated to the Cellocator unit via the digital input.

  • Informs on any access to the fuel cap
  • Supports all fuel lead sizes (and not only 10.5 cm diameter ones)
  • Has a rugged and professional design
  • Disables access to fuel cap when cover is closed
  • Allows free access to fuel cap when cover is open
  • Supports easy installation as no calibration is needed
  • Supports automatic opening due to built-in spring
  • Supports Stainless steel hinge and spring
  • Supports full plastic, strengthen with fiber glass, case (unbreakable material)
  • Supports internal, firmly placed and inaccessible magnet and reed relay